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End of Year Student Technology Return

Computers are generally taken up mid-May.  Exact dates will be determined.  Students need to turn in ALL accessories on the determined date as well, including the Power Adapter, extension cord and Brenthaven Sleeve.  

Prior to turning in your Computer:

  • Remove all personal items from the sleeve, any personal items left in the bag will be thrown away
  • Clean your Computer with Sprayway Glass Cleaner by spraying a cloth and then wiping down the screen, keyboard and outside of the case.  There is Sprayway available in the technology offices at both campuses and in the Technology Classrooms.
  • Back up any data, music, videos, pictures, etc. that you do not want to lose.  

All students need to complete the online repair form to ensure all repairs are completed during the summer.  No one knows the computer you were issued better than you.  If you do not complete the form, we cannot guarantee all repairs will be identified.  Click HERE to fill out the form.

All damages and lost accessories must be paid for when you turn in your Computer.  Payment can be given to the campus secretaries, Yvonne Finley or Mary Roberts.    Here is a list of the cost of some of the common items:

LCD Display Screen  $250
Power Adapter  $62
Extension Cable  $9
Replacement Keyboard  $75
LCD Display Screen Housing $25
Brenthaven Sleeve $25

When storing your Power Adapter please wind the cord loosely. 

If you have any questions, please contact John White.